What’s Your Coverage Position On Driverless Cars?

I wonder what the basis is for denying these claims where a car supposedly caught on fire, started itself and drove into two other cars?  Non-permissive driver?  Seriously, my guess is the insurer finds this story about as plausible as the story my niece, Lisa, told when she ate five Reese’s peanut butter cups, hid the wrappers in an easily seen pile under the couch and then blamed it on the dog.


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2 Responses to What’s Your Coverage Position On Driverless Cars?

  1. This post made me wonder – what happens when robot cars are normal? How will we do risk analysis?
    This is coming – check out http://edmblog.fairisaac.com/weblog/2006/05/congratulations.html for instance about Tommy. Tommy was not expensive to build so this may be closer than you think…

  2. Personally, I’d buy the “dog ate the candy” story first…