Wall Street Journal Law Blog interview

Ashby Jones of the Journal interviewed me about my blog and the result is this post on the WSJ Law Blog.   I’m always self-conscious about being interviewed, all my life I’ve been the one asking the questions, but Ashby is a really good interviewer, made it easy on me. Thanks to the WSJ for their interest.       


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6 Responses to Wall Street Journal Law Blog interview

  1. Jason Barney

    “That leaves law, journalism and politics. I’ve done two of them.”
    So, David

  2. Great interview. It’s always good to find that people who are involved in insurance law actually like their job. It’s more interesting than people think. Hell, it’s good to find a lawyer that likes their job.
    Congrats on the interview.

  3. Randy Maniloff

    Congratulations on the interview. I am glad to see you getting the recognition that is so well deserved for your tremendous efforts with the blog.
    Randy Maniloff

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