Vacuum Cleaner Company Leaves Mississippi Gulf Coast, Citing Lack Of Insurance

Here is a good story from Leslie Eaton of the New York Times about Oreck Corporation’s move from Long Beach, Mississippi to Tennessee.  The company cites lack of the availability of insurance and skilled workers, who were displaced by Hurricane Katrina.


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4 Responses to Vacuum Cleaner Company Leaves Mississippi Gulf Coast, Citing Lack Of Insurance

  1. Henry S. Queener

    I am sure the move had nothing to do with the change in TN’s Workers’ Compensation law, which serverly limited an injuried workers’ recovery.

  2. Lawless Mississippi kills its economy

    The attack on Mississippi’s insurers over Katrina is already having consequences. Unable to be confident that the state will be willing to fairly enforce contracts as written (Oct. 11, 2005; Oct. 16, 2006), insurers are simply not issuing new ones….

  3. I’m not aware of the differences between Workers Comp law in Mississippi and Tennessee, but since Workers Comp claims are really fairly rare, wouldn’t it make more sense the reasons are those actually given by the company for its move?

  4. Henry S. Queener

    I do not know the state of workers’ compensation law out in Portland, but in TN, before the change in the law, about half of the assoc. man-power at most ins. defense firms was in the defense of workers’ compensation claims, which are law suits in the courthouse in TN.
    Repetitive injuries, e.g., carpal tunnel synd, are a serious problem in many manufacturing operations. Instead of paying for repetitive injuries, some operations may choose to move to states or countries where they have no liability for repetitive injuries.
    In TN a major part of the change in the law was designed to reduce a company’s liability for carpal tunnel synd.
    I wounder how much Oreck was paying in comp. claims in Miss.?