This Has Got The Makings Of A Great Coverage Case

Do you ever read these online Yahoo forums where ordinary people ask ordinary people questions about big events in their life and usually get really stupid answers? No? Me either.  Well, sometimes maybe.  Here’s one about insurance coverage that caught my eye.  A boss told an intern to park the boss’ car, and the intern then crashed it.  The boss’ insurance had expired two days earlier.  The intern did have insurance.  The detail I really like is that the intern’s dad is the boss’ biggest customer, and the intern is trying to figure how to play that angle.  Apparently, he hasn’t yet thought of the Workers Comp gambit.  Predictably, at least one of the respondents advised the intern to commit insurance fraud.  But the respondent from Boston, who kind of looks like Bill Murray and sounds like he may be a lawyer or insurance specialist, got the principle right that the boss’ company ultimately is responsible for all the damage.  That doesn’t mean the intern’s insurance won’t have to pay out to the other driver and then subrogate, however.  No word on what kind of business liability insurance the boss’ company has or what it covers.  The response about whether the driver’s insurance or the car’s insurance is primary is kind of savvy too, except that if there is only one policy guess which one is primary?

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