Some excellent Leonard v. Nationwide analysis

I am going to write a follow-up to my analysis of the Fifth Circuit’s recent Leonard v. Nationwide decision after seeing this great piece of Leonard analysis on the blog of the Merlin Law Group, and I don’t dish out the praise merely because they mentioned my name.  I don’t have time this week to write it up properly, so it will have to wait till September 11 or later, but I didn’t want to let too much time pass without acknowledging the excellence of the post.  I disagree with some of it, I agree with some of it, and that’s what I’ll talk about when the time is right.  For those who don’t know, the Merlin Law Group is one of the key policyholder firms involved in Katrina litigation, so they are neck deep in these issues.  (A post that good, however, should have someone’s name attached to it).

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