Scruggs Nation, February 26: the update

Judge Biggers’ orders are out on the defense motions in USA v. Scruggs (Northern Mississippi edition) — all denied.  We can talk more about these later, but here they are:

Order denying motion to suppress wiretap evidence.

Order denying motion to exclude extrinsic evidence of prior related acts.

Order denying motion to sever Zack Scruggs and Sid Backstrom trials from trial of Dickie Scruggs.

Order denying motion to dismiss indictment, motion to dismiss counts 2, 3, and 4, motion for change of venue. (This last bunch had already been denied in rulings from the bench last week, this document merely memorializes those decisions).  



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2 Responses to Scruggs Nation, February 26: the update


    This all means the circus is coming to Eli’s new hometown. Thad Cochran, Trent Lott, Bobby DeLaughter, Ed Peters, and the guilty trio – Tim, Joey and Steve — all on the Wilson v Scruggs case. Might as well invite Grisham, Moore and Hood. Jimmy Buffett, from Pascagoula, will sing “A Pirate Looks at 60.” Keker must be in heaven. If he can throw enough mud on the wall, and flip on the fog machine, the jurors will be wondering what case they are deciding, and will render a verdict in the Wilson case. Meanwhile, ole Dick gets a pass in the Jones case.

  2. Tim

    NO CIRCUS COMING TO TOWN — turn out the lights the party’s over!! Word is Scruggs has been trying to deal for his son, but Feds insist on at least 1 year to serve, but the heat is on now. Sad thing is this is not how the legal system really works, but you will never convince the public. Sickening “Real Lawyers don’t Bribe Judges”.