Scruggs Nation, April 3: on ‘strike’ against Scruggs

The Mississippi State Bar, as I’ve mentioned, has responded to Dickie Scruggs’ Motion to Stick Around with this Response, which in essence says Scruggs’ guilty plea acknowledges in writing that he is, in fact, guilty of the crime to which he pleaded, and therefore this makes him unfit to be a lawyer in Mississippi.  The date on the document is April 1, although it would have been more fitting if Scruggs’ opposition to disbarment had itself been filed on April Fool’s Day.  Here also is a copy of the Bar’s motion to indefinitely suspend Scruggs and strike him from the rolls of Mississippi lawyers, on the chance that the state Supreme Court buys Scruggs’ motion.  Why Scruggs is indulging in this effort to stave off the inevitable is a question I don’t know the answer to.

Very little time for blogging this morning, have a plane to catch back to Portland.  What a great visit, what a fantastic group of people I’ve met in Mississippi.  To tell the truth, I guess I had no idea of how closely people here have been following this blog, and the outpouring of support and interest I’ve seen has been a humbling and amazing experience.  I thank all the many people who have shown kindness to me here, especially those who spent time carting me around and making sure I was taken care of.  The hospitality I’ve seen here has been unlike any experience in my life, one I shall always remember.  Thanks to Dr. Ed Duett and Mississippi State for having me here, and thanks to all the people who came out for my speech.  I wish I had more time to speak with people here.  I’ve received many words of thanks since I arrived, but I really haven’t done all that much.  If anyone is inclined to extend thanks, however, extend them to my wife, because all these blogging hours have come out of her time, and she has never once complained about it.

Thanks for the gifts I received, although at some point I suppose the sweet potato will go bad.  In the meantime, I’ll keep it in my office until people complain about the smell.



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  1. Entertained

    Glad your trip was fun and fruitful. It was, of course, a given that someone would bestow a sweet potato upon you when you visited Mississippi. And your plans for the spud — “I’ll keep it in my office until people complain about the smell” — are no less appropriate, since that is precisely what Dickie did; he kept concealed within his office that which would inevitably be revealed by its rotten stench. Ah, the sweet potato… It’s not just for dinner anymore!

  2. HumptyDumpty

    Mr. Rossmiller – I enjoyed your talk yesterday…I wanted to introduce myself but had to get on the road once the Q&A started. I hope you come back.

  3. ArkLaMs agent

    It was a pleasure hearing you speak in Starkville. Knowing many in the industry in the state of Ms, I was aware of the following and the keen interest in the data you were able to provide for everyone. I am thankful for your assistance in providing a central location for all to reveiw the legal documents relative to the case.
    I must say that that is the first time I have ever seen that large of an audience remain after conclusion of an event to further discuss the topic at hand.
    Thanks again………

  4. Mike George

    Dear Mrs. Rossmiller,
    Obviously, I can only speak for myself but I am confident that many will agree with me that your husband has done one heck of a fine job and that it was remarkable the number of people that decided to not leave at the predetermined time, but decided to stay for a question and answer session.
    There was one individual that made a very profound statement about your husband. Mr. Rossmiller attempted to downplay his role and his “blog”. The individual (paraphrasing!) said that he (Dave) has done a wonderful service to all of us by his extensive blogging. That those of us in the insurance business are in an honorable profession and that he (Dave) should be well recognized for his disclosure of the bad things done by those to bring bad light on the insurance industry…..probably a bad job of paraphrasing…..
    Did he tell you that he got a standing ovation? Imagine a group of insurance folks giving a lawyer a standing ovation!
    Thank you Mrs. Rossmiller for allowing him the time to devote to the blog. Now that he has visited our state, of which I am proud, he should bring you for a visit so that you can see for yourself true “Southern Hospitality”.
    Thanks again,

  5. dixie68

    Thank you so very much for the kind words about our state and your time spent here, especially after all the smarmy boloney that was promoted on another blog about your having to spend time in such a terrible place. We do appreciate you very much and wish to offer our profound thanks to your wife, for her patience.
    As for the sweet potato, fill a vase with water, stick one end of the potato into it, with the other (most of it) part sticking out, and shortly you will have a beautiful vine for your office. (That is, if you don’t rub it with oil, place in 400 degree oven, bake until soft and mash with about 1/2 stick of butter an a dash of salt, then eat. YUM>)

  6. lurker

    Put your Sweet Potato in a jar of water on the window sill and it will grow into a lovely vine.
    All true Mississippians have seen or had such a vine in their lifetimes!

  7. Newt

    Interestingly, Zach and Dickie are fighting the disbarment because, as their attorney Mike Martz says, they “want the bar and the court to follow the law.”
    They irony of that statement didn’t seem to slap Martz in the face as much as it did me.


    Do you think Dickie will purchase a billboard ad just outside of your law office? As a defense attorney who lost his house, we thank you (and the little lady) for putting up with us!

  9. He can try, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if one of the city’s numerous grafitti “artists” spray-painted it if he did. “Dickie Scruggs fools, Scruggs Nation rules” is one phrase I could see possibly going up on it. Not that I would have anything to do with it, of course.