Scruggs’ lawyer demands retraction from Wall Street Journal

Remember that Wall Street Journal editorial last week entitled "Mississippi Hoods"?  Well, Dickie Scruggs and his lawyer do, and John Keker, the San Francisco-based attorney Scruggs has hired to defend him against a charge of criminal contempt of court, has demanded a retraction.  Here is a pdf of Keker’s letter.   The demand for a retraction centers on the WSJ’s description of the Rigsby sisters’ copying of State Farm claims documents from their employer, E.A. Renfroe & Co. — the editorial characterizes the events as Scruggs convincing the sisters "to steal documents to aid his civil litigation against State Farm."  Keker says this is untrue on two counts — that the sisters decided on their own to copy documents, and that they did not "steal" anything.  Chances that the WSJ will actually issue a retraction? I checked the line on the Irish internet gaming sites, and the odds are currently listed as "between slim and none, and slim just left town."

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