Scruggs contempt roundup

Judge Acker’s appointment of special prosecutors in the Dickie Scruggs criminal contempt matter has been generating the following buzz:

Jonathan Adler at Volokh.  The real fun is in the comments, make sure to read them. One commenter calls it a "minor . . . infraction." Minor? For a lawyer, it’s never a minor thing to willfully disobey a judge’s order, if that is what Scruggs did. 

The InsiderExclusive TV show "is currently investigating how the U.S. attorney in Alabama [Alice Martin] earlier this week declined a federal judge’s request to prosecute Dickie Scruggs and his Mississippi law firm for criminal contempt in a case relating to Hurricane Katrina insurance claims." I don’t know of this show but I’d certainly be interested in the results of the investigation.

Here’s a post called "Alice Martin: Queen of Schemes."  This post is at a site calling itself "Legal Schnauzer," it has a picture of a schnauzer jumping in the air with the caption "You want to mess with me?" and bills itself as "One couple’s encounter with corrupt judges, slimy lawyers, and incompetent prosecutors in Alabama. . . and how you can avoid being cheated by the vermin who make a mockery of our justice system."  Have to admit I’ve never liked schnauzers, especially ones that jump. 

John O’Brien of Legal NewsOnline has a story on developments. 

Amir Efrati has a good post at the Wall Street Journal Law Blog, including comments from one of the special prosecutors.  Again, check out the comments.



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2 Responses to Scruggs contempt roundup

  1. Joel

    Thank you so much for this BLOG, it is very informative and I appreciate the content that is given on a daily basis as that’s how often I check it.
    This Scruggs case gets more and more ‘sticky’ w/each day-which I’m assuming is the way he wants it since it affords him more opportunities to slip out of this one.
    Any info on the perception regarding the refusual of Alice Martin to prosecute in wake of her handling of the Healthsouth fiasco? Scared to make a mistake again in a high profile case from the looks of it.
    Thanks again!

  2. I don’t know the first thing about Martin, but her declining the prosecution doesn’t surprise me much, because Judge Acker both has the authority to create special prosecutors and said he would do so. It might have something to do with not antogonizing Trent Lott, it might not. I could look it up, and if no one else does, but it would be interesting to see which cases Martin has pursued instead during her tenure.