Potpourri Thursday

There’s been too much going on for me to blog about everything I would like to, so I’m going to stuff it all in this post like I’m a college student again jamming my laundry in a duffle bag to take home to Mom.

Mississippi elections. I thought this was a fine story by John O’Brien of Legal Newsline about the defeat of Mississippi Insurance Commissioner George Dale by a Dickie Scruggs-backed candidate.  Here’s another story about results from the Sun Herald.

Bloggers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your chains! This is perhaps the stupidest thing I have heard this summer.  Some bloggers want to form a bloggers union because they are spending a lot of time blogging and not getting paid for it.  Check this out from the story:

Few bloggers are paid for their posts, and even fewer are able to make a living doing the work. But many say they often devote as much energy and time to their online musings as they do to their salaried careers.

I think they have a word for that — a hobby.  Do you think there is a reason they aren’t earning a living from their blogging? Such as — and I’m just taking a wild guess here — that no one places enough value on it to pay for it? Another supposed benefit of the union: health benefits. How would the union get the money for benefits, go on strike against readers of the Internet? Another demand: press credentials and being taken seriously as journalists.  You know, you can’t make people love you and you can’t make people take you seriously, they either do or they don’t.     

I am not from the South and I’ve never been there, but I like to say y’all. Southerners, is this OK? Does it offend you to have someone with a NoDak Norwegian accent say y’all? It’s such a great word, I don’t think Southerners should have exclusive rights.  Maybe someone can give me pointers on the proper use of the word, so at least I don’t dishonor it by misuse.

The "whistleblower" Rigsby sisters are starting to bore me. I saw a story by Mike Kunzelman of the Associated Press earlier this week about another one of those qui tam lawsuits alleging insurers ripped off the Treasury in Katrina claims by pushing wind payments onto federal flood policies.  Here’s a version of it I saw yesterday in the Insurance Journal.  I’ve written a whole bunch about this wind-water-federal flood policies issue and, frankly, this lawsuit just seems like more of the same old.  We’ll see.  This one involves the Rigsby sisters — about whom I have one question: isn’t their one year, $150,000 consulting contract with Scruggs just about up? Is the contract going to be renewed? This lawsuit should just about cover all the potential political, public relations and legal fronts Dickie Scruggs can create to enhance his leverage. 

I thought the reasoning here was pretty weak.  This Times-Picayune story on the Fifth Circuit’s decision in In Re Katrina Canal Breaches Litigation made no sense to me: the decision was wrong because two of the three-judge panel were appointed by Bush and all three are from Texas and therefore don’t understand Louisiana law.  I guess I really don’t need to say any more than that, nothing I could say would make that argument look as flaccid as just repeating what it says.



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2 Responses to Potpourri Thursday

  1. Re: your question about using the word “y’all.” I was born in Louisiana and have lived in southern Mississippi for the past fourteen years (minus four months in Houston after Katrina).
    I guess that qualifies me to grant you approval to use the word “y’all.” While I’m at it, you may also use the word “ain’t” which I find to be very powerful when explaining to someone that I don’t plan to do as they ask, as in “There ain’t no way I’m going to do that.
    I’ve been following your blog for months. My wife is the “Chapoton” in “Chapoton v. State Farm.” I’ve had a difficult time figuring out which side you’re on, so I guess you’re writing is reasonable.
    You should make it down to the Mississippi coast to see first-hand what devastation really looks like. Heck, I’ll take you out to dinner.

  2. Oh, and as to the proper usage of the word “y’all.” It can be used both in the singular and the plural to replace the words “you” or “you all.” As a greeting such as, “How y’all doin’?” It can also be used as one’s final words, such as, “Hey y’all, watch this!” However, my brother contends that the phrase “Hold my beer.” is actually more popular as final words.