Negotiating Settlements Through Cage Matches?

This post by Major John has a certain “Beyond Thunderdome”-esque appeal, but I doubt it will catch on in the insurance field. Major John’s blog, Miserable Donuts, which chronicles his military service as well as his job as an insurance company employee, is a good read.


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2 Responses to Negotiating Settlements Through Cage Matches?

  1. I think you are correct – the guy wouldn’t take me up on it. Ended up settling at $10K. Oh well, I tried something new anyway…

  2. David –
    First, great blog. I have added it to my must read of insurance blogs.
    Second, I was cumis counsel in a case where the plaintiff really wanted to settle the case this way. My client was for it too, but none of the attorneys thought it would be ethical. I guess we are no fun!