More on AIG private firefighting

This post is from the LA Times opinion page blog, it’s by LA Times Assistant Editorial Pages Editor Matt Welch, it’s about AIG’s use of a private firefighting force in the southern California wildfires, and it’s very good.  An excerpt:

No one in Southern California fire country knows that their house is protected; not even the most gilded of solidarity-crushing insurance premiums can control nature. But it’s true that the rich will occasionally spend their money to improve their chances, whether in beating fire or traveling by private jet instead of Amtrak. The choice confronting the rest of us is how to use tax money best to fight fires. In that discussion, I’m far less concerned by the extra-public choices made by the fire-vulnerable rich, and much more worried that available public resources — aircraft and military personnel, especially — went unused while my brother was evacuating his house in San Diego. The fact that some commentators are far more exercised by the former than the latter speaks volumes about their priorities.

Read the whole thing, as they say, plus Welch’s column of the day before on the same topic.  Some outstanding logic.

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