Mississippi Residents Building Up Hopes About Katrina Litigation

What would a day be like without another update on the Leonard trial before Judge Senter in Mississippi federal court?  Here’s another link, which is to a story in the New York Times, so I’m not vouching for how long the link is good before it disappears behind the Times’ firewall. 


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5 Responses to Mississippi Residents Building Up Hopes About Katrina Litigation

  1. Scott Jonsson

    is it worthwhile to sell your soul to obtain some of the New York Times news on line ? I could not believe the information required in order to sign up for some of their information.

  2. Personally, and I say this as a former journalist with knowledge about how newspapers work, I wouldn’t pay anything for any newspaper, online or dead tree, much less give them information about myself.

  3. Scott Jonsson

    Given your answer, how were you able to link to a NYT article in your well written blog ?

  4. High-tech internet savvy bloggers like me have many secrets, but if I told you, the blogging community would be outraged. Actually, some portions of the Times service are non-pay, you just can’t predict how long the link will last.

  5. Scruggs’ first Katrina insurance trial

    Following an eight-day bench trial, the case is now in the hands of federal judge L. T. Senter Jr. of Gulfport, Miss., who has promised a quick ruling. Although the exclusion of flood damage from homeowners’ policies had been shouted…