Mississippi AG Seeks To Intervene In State Farm Class Action Settlement

With a hearing scheduled for February 28 in Judge Senter’s court in the Southern District of Mississippi on the proposed class certification of State Farm policyholders who have not yet sued the insurance carrier, this is a good time to pass on to you three things filed in the case, which is known as Woullard v. State Farm

Here is a pdf of State Farm’s brief in support of the proposed class action.  Remember, both State Farm and plaintiffs’ attorneys, the Scruggs Law Group, wanted to certify a class and immediately settle the class action pursuant to a plan they had worked out to review policyholders’ Hurricane Katrina claims.  In this brief, State Farm has attempted detailed breakdowns of who will be in the class, what their issues are and what the process will be like that considers their claims. Senter shot down the last attempt, saying he had strong doubts about the procedural fairness and whether class requirements under the Federal Rules had been met.

Here is a pdf of a motion Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood filed to intervene in the case.  If you’ve been following Hood the last year, you know he likes to intervene in things.  He’s up for reelection this year in Mississippi.

Here is a pdf of the legal memorandum supporting AG Hood’s motion.

Come February 28, we shall see how this all shakes out.

UPDATE: I should also mention this story from earlier this month by Laurence Viele Davidson of Bloomberg, which says that after the class action certification and settlement was shot down, 11 more policyholders sued State Farm. 

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