Miss. Gov.: Don’t put the corn on the ground

These developments come a little too late for Tim Balducci.


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10 Responses to Miss. Gov.: Don’t put the corn on the ground

  1. Mississippian


  2. Thick

    Dangit! Next thing you know, hunting over sweet potato patches will be illegal as well.

  3. Coastian

    Ironically I am eating sweet potato chips as I read this.

  4. anon

    In the beginning of this blog the author engaged in the charade of being a neutral observer of insurance and coverage news across the nation. He has since shown his true colors and is obviously a true believer and apologist for the insurance industry. He writes with such glee at the misfortune of others. Sad to see the blog become just another conservative hack job and a supporting branch on the tree of the “overlawyered” crowd.

  5. Misfortunes of others? What a load of pious Scruggsism. You make it sound like Balducci got cancer instead of bribing a judge. No wonder you remain anonymous.

  6. Incidentally, anon, the fake e-mail address you entered to be able to post a comment doesn’t fool me, you may or may not be aware that your IP address doesn’t lie, and it’s registered to . . . well, it will just be our secret now, won’t it?

  7. WOW

    Keep up the good work David. Anon and others (Bellesouth) just cannot help themselves.

  8. nmc

    cute post about baiting deer, david. I wish I’d had it first.

  9. Entertained

    It cracks me up when people who don’t agree with a blogger insist that blogger is somehow obligated to act as a neutral journalist. Those of us who want neutral journalism can go, well, to a neutral journalism site. This site ain’t that, and nobody ever said it was. Thank goodness!

  10. Mississippian

    Keep up the good work, David! You’ve done an extraordinary job!