McKinsey documents — overrated?

That’s what seems to be the message of this post on the blog of the Merlin Law Group.  The case mentioned is one I wrote about here.  One thing I found amusing in the post was the information — which I guess I had heard before but just more or less forgot — that ATLA, the Association of Trial Lawyers of America, changed its name to the American Association for Justice, a name Ted Frank has referred to as "Orwellian."  I guess the other name had become too pejorative. 

But the "American Association for Justice" sounds like some kind of splinter group of Amnesty International, or maybe a support group for folks in the Justice Department with alcohol and drug problems.  "Association for Justice"? Come on, who’s not for justice? Even Stalin was for justice, although he and I would differ on its definition and application (some say he was smothered with a pillow, which would be poetic justice in that I believe he had once expressed a desire to die in bed — be careful what you wish for!).   American Association for Justice just doesn’t have much pizazz, it’s kind of like People For A Nice Day.  Let’s try on a couple alternative names: how about Legal Crusaders Fighting Injustice? Lawyers Against Corporate Evil? If they thought the old name was getting too filthy, let’s ask what about it gave it a bad name — the words "trial lawyers," or course.  So why didn’t they just change it to the Association of Settlement Lawyers of America?  The overwhelming majority of cases are settled rather than tried anyway. 

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