Lott’s fanny-kicking odyssey apparently at an end

Other priorities have apparently overcome Sen. Trent Lott’s fanny-kicking reflex, as he has decided to resign from the U.S. Senate effective December 31

Remember Lott’s vow earlier this year?

"I’m like a woman scorned,” Lott says. "I’m prepared to continue to kick their [insurance companies’] fanny until the last day I’m alive on this Earth because they have mistreated too many people.”

In fairness, from the available evidence, we cannot decisively conclude that the fanny-kicking has ended.  Perhaps, in his new endeavors, Lott will have an even greater forum for this activity than was provided by his position as a U.S. Senator.  Who knows? An independent run for president under the auspices of a newly formed Posterior Punting Party? These and other great and perplexing questions of our time, such as Who Put the "Ram" in the Ramalama Ding Dong, remain to be answered.

Hat tip: Y’all Politics, among other sources.

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