Lawyers disqualified in RICO case against State Farm

The Shows case, the big RICO lawsuit filed with fanfare and hoopla last year by the Scruggs Katrina Group, now is plaintiff-lawyerless.  A federal judge, following in the footsteps of Judge Senter’s disqualification of lawyers affiliated with Dickie Scruggs and the Rigsby sisters in the McIntosh case, has disqualified the Katrina(less) Litigation Group and associated counsel.  Here’s a copy of the order.

Scruggs Disease is highly contagious, as you can see from this new order by Judge Senter stating that an Alabama firm cannot represent the plaintiffs in McIntosh because of the firm’s previous links with the Scruggs Katrina Group. Here’s the brief the firm wisely filed seeking clarification before jumping into the lawsuit.



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2 Responses to Lawyers disqualified in RICO case against State Farm


    I thought the McIntoshes already had Chip Merlin?

  2. Thick

    Chip Robertson – and they don’t have him anymore.