Justice: external reality or human construct?

I’ve been pondering this topic for some time and reading a lot of stuff that reflects on the issue.  The classical Greeks had a concept of the logos, or an ordering of the universe, with which man might, through the exercise of reason, come into harmony.  Others see concepts such as justice simply as human constructs, attempts to impose the illusion of order on the reality of chaos for our comfort and peace of mind.  I note this story, about a man’s efforts to kill his girlfriend by parking his car in front of an onrushing train, resulting in her survival but his own demise, as one that could support either point of view.   On the one hand, it may indicate that justice is an external, independent force that we recognize when we see it and try to incorporate into our own doings.  On the other hand, it could suggest that we attempt to make sense of random events by placing them into categories of just or unjust. Either way, I think we can all agree that the result fits solidly within our understanding of justice, whatever that understanding is.      

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