Judge refuses to dismiss Scruggs indictment

An AP story on today’s hearing in Oxford, Mississippi.  Tick, tick, tick, the clock will strike March 17 o’clock before you know it (that’s the final date for plea bargains in this case).  Are we going to see some kind of plea agreements coming soon?


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5 Responses to Judge refuses to dismiss Scruggs indictment

  1. Injustice 4 all

    Is anyone going to comment on the “four horseman of the apocalypse” for Scruggs sitting in the gallery of this hearing enjoying every single momment but especially the Delaughter part? Any one want to guess?

  2. Curious

    Has the judge ruled on the tapes yet?

  3. txmatador

    Let me guess… Mr. Wilson, Mr. Merkel, Mr. Kirksey and Ms. Slater. And you know, good for Mr. Wilson, finally vindicated after taking the hardest blows from the Scruggs war machine of all.

  4. Scruggs: government releases wiretap transcripts

    Big news day in the Scruggs scandals: a judge has turned down defense motions to throw out the charges and to suppress the evidence, a hearing on those motions has showcased the testimony of government…

  5. injustice 4 all

    Well you got it but I was counting Cindy Mitchell instead of Bob. I think Bob is the Arch-Angel Micheal (or unnamed sixth angel depending on your understanding of revelations) that releases them on the world, this case Scruggs Nation.
    How much does Dickie(soon to be Bob?) get yearly in Tobacco money anyway?