Is Tort Reform Needed?

RiskProf has a great post on a study purportedly shedding light on the question.
Back in the day, debunking conventional wisdom and improperly analyzed data was my favorite thing as a newspaper reporter (although not a sure ticket to the front page like a really sensational crime story or any story with politicians in it).
Really, data is misused so much in news reports and press releases by government and industry that it is well to remember Disraeli’s line about three kinds of lies: “lies, damned lies and statistics.” Most of the time, I have the feeling, people aren’t intentionally deceptive, they merely have no desire to recognize their biases as being merely one potential viewpoint, and so latch onto any numbers that seem remotely to prove their point while disregarding all contrary evidence. As a lawyer advocating for clients, I find I have more credibility and am more effective when I acknowledge and address the other side’s points directly and remain open to new information. No one wants to listen to a mindless shill who flaps his jaw on command because someone plugged some dollars into his meter.
UPDATE: There was a bad link, I’ve fixed it now.

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