Is Flood Insurance Welfare For The Rich?

When I was a kid in NoDak, I stayed away from the tall grass whenever I could because, like Paul Newman in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, I hate snakes, and they seemed to have an affinity for making the stuff their abode.  These days, I look at political ideology the same way I looked at the tall grass, and I try to steer clear of it on this blog, at least in its most egregious and irrational forms.   Some people like snakes (like this fairly odd guy I saw at Home Depot a while back wearing some kind of big snake for a scarf) and some people infuse politics into everything they talk about, but it’s not for me or this blog.   Insurance coverage analysis, in my view, is the antithesis of politics.

But this column about flood insurance seems like a pretty mild form of politics, asks the interesting question of whether the rich are being led into temptation by flood insurance, and had enough facts to get me to read to the end.  A lot of the points seem valid.

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