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I was a little surprised by this piece, which says the Geico caveman ads, one of my all-time favorite series of commercials, aren’t as effective with consumers as Allstate’s "Good Hands" advertising  starring the guy who played President David Palmer on Fox’s "24".  Here’s a key passage in the story:

Lisa Cochrane, Allstate’s vice president of marketing communications, said the use of emotion in ads creates drama and involvement for the potential policyholder, helping message retention. "You’re almost better off with an emotional chord, rather than a rational chord. It’s certainly a good affirmation of what we’re trying to do and what our creative strategy is," Cochrane said. "With Allstate, we have the benefit of a very strong brand and an innovative product. Making consumers laugh is a great thing, but it doesn’t necessarily sell product."

On a similar note, you may or may not be aware that Zurich is pushing a new catchphrase: "Because change happenz."  I’m not making that up, you can see for yourself.  I would have suggested something more like: "Zurich: all the skillz to meet all your inzuranze needz," but no one asked me. All this leaves me wondering, when will CNA bring back the CNA Polkaboys?

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  1. Ted

    Geico has different goals with its advertising than Allstate, because Geico doesn’t have a salesforce of agents. Geico has increased marketshare, though that could very easily be because of the quantity, rather than the quality, of its advertising.