I find this to be one of the most disgusting things I’ve read this year

As the father of two girls who are 8 and 3, I found this Newsweek story about slutty Halloween costumes for little kids extremely disturbing.  Have parents lost their minds?  What kind of mother or father sends their kid out dressed as a strumpet?  After 40 years of feminism, how did we get to this weird place where you don’t get stomped when you glorify slatternly behavior and project it onto young girls?


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  1. I agree David, and have been troubled by this trend as well. It seems that many parents have taken of their senses, and/or sensibility.
    This quote from the article says it well, “The hypersexualization of younger and younger girls only serves to reinforce gender roles. When an 8-year-old girl can’t find a doctor costume because all they have are nurse outfits, that’s a problem.”
    Last year my 3-year old daughter wanted to be a Doctor. We got a Doctor costume put together, with a stethoscope, and tongue depressers etc.
    All day long everyone said, “look at that cute NURSE.” I started counting after it started to bug me and counted 10 nurse comments to 2 doctor comments. I thought at the time that it would make for a very eye-opening experiment to dress up a boy in the same Doctor costume and see how many would recognize the boy as a nurse.
    From day one our society tries to project gender roles on our children. We surely don’t need to subject them to this over-sexualization as well.

  2. I’ve heard from other parents about their first-grade daughters pressuring them to buy high-heeled black leather knee boots because all the other girls are wearing them. What kind of misguided values do we have where you can be ostracized for letting your kid ride a bike without a helmet but it’s OK to dress your grade-school daughter like Julia Roberts?

  3. It’s no wonder schools are handing out birth-control pills to 13 year-olds. It’s very sad that kids just can’t be kids.