Hood: I will offer help if someone will do what I won’t

Read this AP story on Jim Hood saying he will offer the full resources of his office to local District Attorneys if they decide to investigate and prosecute those connected to the Scruggs scandal.  No one has any plans to do so, of course.  Question: does this seem at all to you like someone saying that, if their favorite song isn’t the next one on the radio, it is a sign from above they don’t need to get more exercise or put more in the collection plate in church?





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5 Responses to Hood: I will offer help if someone will do what I won’t

  1. bellesouth

    We do not have a special prosecutor law in MS. If Hood appoints one then it is his duty to oversee the investigation. It’s a lose, lose proposition for him since these people have worked for him and against him and anything he does or doesn’t do would be suspect. BUT, if a DA prosecutes it is the DA’s investigation and the DA’s call, so Hood is offering his offices as support, but he will not be the lead man in the investigation. Also, it would be best to wait until the feds are finished as some of the DAs agree with Hood on that as well.

  2. NoMoHood

    Someone posted a while ago that there would be many bit players the Feds won’t have time or resources to go after and thats where the AG should come in.
    He could follow some footsteps that lead away from the case at hand, such as P.L. or others. He could take this any direction he wants, there are lots of “untraveled paths” here. Maybe the problem is all paths lead home.

  3. bellesouth

    The feds won’t have time or resources to go after????!! Oh, yeah, right! ROFLMAO!

  4. MrBluez

    AG Jim Hood is a minor player in these events, it just so happens that he is the AG for Mississippi right now. In my opinion, he is a nobody. He is surely a simpleton and he can’t help digging himself deeper as he speaks. He
    probably has disserved the “workingman of Mississippi” but his biggest crime is that he wears a pompadour as if it were a badge of honor.

  5. kay

    Hello darlin, I don’t even want to be the a.g.