Hood denies there is a settlement in State Farm v. Hood

As the saying goes, denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.  Here’s an e-mail from AG Hood’s media office this morning:  

Hello All,

Just wanted to note that General Hood has been on record (more than once) as saying the ONLY thing under seal in the federal case, State Farm v. Hood, is matters related to the state’s criminal investigation of State Farm. The federal judge ordered that information to be protected. There is no "settlement". The only reason it is referred to as such is because the details of the Attorney General’s criminal investigation needed to to be protected. The case was dismissed because the allegations were false.

Say what? Here’s a copy of Judge Bramlette’s order dismissing the case, which includes this passage:

The Court further finds that, based on a confidential settlement agreement between the parties, which shall remain under seal, this case shall be dismissed with prejudice. The Court retains jurisdiction to enforce the settlement agreement

No settlement? Someone forgot to tell the judge.  Here Hood seems determined to cast himself as a modern version of Lt. Col. Henry Blake in MASH, signing whatever Radar puts in front of him while having no clue what it says.  Remember the episode where Radar wanted to save an Easter lamb from being eaten, and got Blake to authorize leave to Iowa for "Pvt. Charles Lamb?" When he later realized what he had done, Blake said in amazement: "I just signed a pass for a sheep." You think that day will come for Hood?




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5 Responses to Hood denies there is a settlement in State Farm v. Hood

  1. Jace

    I’m not altogether certain Henry Blake wasn’t more aware than Hood. At least he knew when he’d been a fool!

  2. Dumbfounded

    Now everyone is finally starting to see all the problems in Mississippi right now. Don’t look..don’t read…don’t talk….dont do anything except believe every single thing I [Hood] say.

  3. R. P. Bramlett

    The reason Hood thinks he can get away with these obvious lies is the same reason he has been able to skirt this issue for some time – The media in Mississippi are completely asleep at the wheel. The recent article in the Daily Journal about Jim Hood’s insurance settlement problems with Progressive is a good start though. I think the only thing worse than the shame this Scruggs thing has brought to MS, is the shame I feel about our media and their ability to investigate and get the story. Many have known how journalism as a whole has been going downhill for the last decade, with large media companies being the main reason cited, but I only know that some of these MS papers would probably be put to better use in a restroom.

  4. R. P. Bramlett

    Oh, and who wants to bet that our AG gave State Farm back their 5 million fine to cover the attorney general’s office investigative costs in this secretive non-settlement aggrement.

  5. Thought you might find this Sun Herald story linked to in this blog about ties to Mike Moore and AG Hood’s first campaign manager on the 800K and 200K Club donations interesting. These were to come from the 5 million settlement State Farm made with Hood:
    MS: Dem AG Hood is Holding On To State Farm Settlement Money February 22, 2008