Had Enough Katrina?

No, Insurance Coverage Blog has not been renamed Katrina Blog 24/7.  It just seems that way to a few readers who have taken what I see as a very unjust dislike of Katrina coverage news and analysis.  However, I like to see everyone happy, except in litigation, of course, where I like to see my side happy and the other side unhappy. 

What these folks really want, I sense, is More Cowbell.  So I offer this item about what may turn out to be the first time someone has refused federal money: a Texas town apparently doesn’t want a ridiculous looking, motorized, power parachute that the sheriff’s office was supposed to test to determine its usefulness in crime fighting.  County authorities purportedly are concerned about liability and insurance and have grounded the craft for the time being.  However, as you can see by clicking on the link in the story for the so-called Buckeye Dream Machine, the real reason may be this: deputies don’t want to fly around wearing a Snoopy helmet in something that looks like it was built by Wile E. Coyote.  If the Red Baron appears in the skies above the town, however, county leaders may change their minds and order it up to do battle.


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2 Responses to Had Enough Katrina?

  1. Scott Jonsson

    too many cowbells. Isn’t this the second time you linked your readers to this MTVesq site ?
    Spread your wings and try another song.

  2. Weren’t you just complaining to me yesterday about too much Katrina? You could always, of course, start your own blog and put on there whatever you want.