Face It Girls, I’m Older And I Have More Insurance

The other day I just happened to turn on the TV and the very first thing I saw was the famous scene from the movie Fried Green Tomatoes, where Kathy Bates is waiting for a parking spot and some young women zip in and grab it. After some back-and-forth in which they taunt her with their youth and speed, she rams their car, and says, “Face it girls, I’m older and I have more insurance.”
Of course, when you’re an insurance coverage lawyer, this kind of thing is very upsetting, because instead of enjoying the scene, what you do is whisper to yourself, “No. Intentional acts probably aren’t covered.” Then you imagine the next scene, where Kathy Bates, having already been convicted of assault, and broke from paying her lawyers, sits in a civil courtroom awaiting a certain verdict against her on claims of property damage and personal injury. But on the bright side, it inspired me to do a little research on the movie and I found this fascinating post about the recurrent nature of this scene in modern American folklore. A little more research turned up this great blog and its post about the scene. It’s also well worth a click on the post on the same blog entitled “Three Pretend Cell Phone Conversations I’m Having So I Sound More Important Than I Really Am When I Walk Past You On The Street.”

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