Dickie Scruggs’ deposition noticed for January 15 in McIntosh v. State Farm

PACER reveals this has been a busy day in McIntosh v. State Farm, a Verdun-like litigation war between State Farm and the Scruggs(less) Katrina Group. 

Among the items of interest:

  • Dickie Scruggs’ deposition has been noticed for January 15.  Click here to see the notice.  You may recall that earlier this week I wrote that Judge Robert Walker had decided against Scruggs’ objections to this deposition, originally noticed in August, and that he would have to testify.  If you look at the list of documents State Farm requests he produce for the deposition, they include communications, dating to August 2005, to and from the Rigsby sisters, Mississippi AG Jim Hood, the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office (one assumes this does not include inadvertent communications through wiretaps or body wires in the alleged bribery case) and various journalists and news organizations.  Among the purposes of the deposition and the request for documents, it is evident, is to test Scruggs’ assertions that his relationship with the Rigsby sisters began in February 2006.  State Farm suspects that the sisters were working for both Scruggs and Hood much earlier than that to covertly take State Farm claims documents.  You say what of attorney-client privilege between the Rigsby sisters and Scruggs? Supposedly they did not form such a relationship until sometime in 2006, so communications before that would be non-privileged.
  • Zach Scruggs’ deposition has been noticed for earlier on the same day.
  • The depositions of the Rigsby sisters have been noticed for January 22.  Click here to see the notice for Kerri Rigsby, click here to see the notice for Cori Rigsby.


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2 Responses to Dickie Scruggs’ deposition noticed for January 15 in McIntosh v. State Farm


    I doubt the deposition will still go on since Scruggs withdrew as counsel. What would be the point? Who cares if he met with Dale, with Hood, with Lott, with Taylor, or Anita Lee of the Sun Herald (Request # 1 & 2). By the way, who will portray Anita in the upcoming movie – I say Natalie Portman. Tom Hanks will be David Rossmiller? Russell Crowe as Dickie Scruggs? Can’t leave out Denzel – he’ll be the FBI Regional Director.


    Scratch Crowe for Dickie’s part. It should go to Sen. Fred Thompson, and his wife, Jeri, will play Diane Scruggs. Wowser photo of Jeri almost wearing a dress in the Clarion-Ledger on Dec. 17, p. 9A. Crowe can play the Ed Rust part. Angela Lansbury will be the female State Farm attorney, Sheila Birnbaum.