Dale announces settlement of 532 Nationwide Katrina claims

Looks like Mississippi Insurance Commissioner George Dale is not taking the pig-and-lipstick insult lying down.  Dale has upped the ante on the Scruggs Katrina Group, announcing the settlement of a bunch of Katrina claims by Nationwide.  Here is an additional story from the Clarion-Ledger with information about further State Farm settlements in Mississippi.

Lord knows I am no fan of coasting, taking it easy or giving anything less than maximum effort, but between blogging, projects for Appleman’s on Insurance and . . . seems like there was something else . . . oh yes, a full time law practice, there’s not a lot of juice left in the tank at present.  I saw some other items in my Bloglines feedreader that I want to address, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.  So today, only this post, unless something major breaks on the order of Dickie Scruggs challenging George Dale to a duel.

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