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If you haven’t done so yet, visit some of the blogs on my blogroll (scroll down on the right side of the screen and look under "Links").  These are blogs that I enjoy reading, mixed in with some links to insurance news sources.  I don’t mess with the blogroll that often, but last night I added Boston ERISA & Insurance Litigation Blog and Declarations and Exclusions to go with some old favorites like RiskProf, Miserable Donuts and Insurance Scrawl.  There are others I read and I’ll get around to including them sometime soon.  In case you are wondering, the blogs listed under "Blogs" are other blogs that have service contracts with our consultant, LexBlog, which is a business run by blogging guru Kevin O’Keefe that touts legal blogging.  I’ve checked out a fair number, and the quality of some is pretty good, although regrettably almost all of them deal with areas of the law much less exciting than insurance coverage.  


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  1. You’re so right about that David. I’ve often heard mothers wishing their sons & daughters could grow up to discuss insurance coverage issues. 😉
    On serious note, keep up the nice work.

  2. Logrolling 101

    David Rossmiller, one of the pioneers, along with Marc Mayerson, of insurance coverage blogging, has kind words to say about the Boston ERISA and Insurance Litigation Blog here and again here. I can, in turn, commend David

  3. Choice of Law in Insurance Coverage Litigation

    Lawyers today are specialists, as evidenced by the long list of single issue law blogs listed on the bottom left of this blog (for an explanation of that list, see here). And with specialization comes what I call