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As today is a holiday and I’m still ill, I won’t be posting today unless some startling development happens.  Also, and I know this will be disappointing to many, I will be returning to writing about insurance.  Not exclusively, you understand, I’ll still write the Scruggs Nation, but I won’t be devoting all my blogging time to the Scruggs Nation any longer.  I had a lot of time to think about this — I wasn’t able to get out of bed for four days — and while I enjoy the Scruggs posts, I owe it to my family and my own health not to spend every second of my free time on them, which I have for a month and a half.  


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  1. High Dudgeon

    I for one am glad to hear that you will be going back to posting about insurance. I have missed your regular updates on FL in particular. But take care of your health first. You’re going to need it if you’re ever going to win that Pulitzer.

  2. Carly

    Say it ain’t so! I guess we’ll just have to break our addiction to Scruggs Nation cold turkey.
    Seriously, there would be few of us, your readers, who don’t understand your situation.
    Somehow, your words sounded much like someone telling another that they need some space and time for other things. A split up in the making.
    Please don’t forget about us, David. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed your Scruggs blog and have learned much from you.
    Enjoy your family, get well, concentrate on your day job and remember to throw us a few crumbs now and then. Sob (that’s as in tears, but I’m sure you know that!
    Will check back daily, as is my habit, to see if you’ve posted any new Scruggs related stuff.
    Don’t forget, we will be waiting to read your book! Again, sob….

  3. Count me among those that are happy with your decision to refocus on covering insurance issues Mr. Rossmiller. Get well soon.

  4. Mississippian

    So sorry to hear you are still under the weather. Shot of whiskey, add a little honey and lemon-it will at least let you forget you are sick. Tell your family we didn’t mean to kidnap you. When you run into someone who does an impeccable job, there’s a tendency to want to monopolize them! Anyway, get better. That’s the priority above all else, including Scruggs nation. What you have done is amazing and we can’t thank you enough for pulling the docs, reading and analyzing all of them, and helping all of us wrap our minds around this incredible story. You’ve done the work of 20 people and we thank you.

  5. msbarfly

    Hate to hear the bad news and yes, will be disappointed indeed. However, if our loss means your family’s gain, then you are doing the right thing.
    With that, I shall continue to visit with a hope and a prayer that, once in awhile, you’ll send us a newsworthy link or two.
    Really will miss you, Rossmiller, more than you know.

  6. WiSam

    I’m sorry to hear the you are still under the weather. With that said, I hope that you will still keep us apprised of the Katrina cases pending against State Farm, USAA, etc. which I found interesting with or without Scruggs. Thanks again!

  7. duckhead

    On November 28th I typed in “Scruggs indictment” on Google to try to get some information when the local media in Jackson had absoultely nothing on this.
    At the top of the list was David’s and Alan Lange’s blogsite.
    I have been addicted to both since then.
    Thanks for all the factual information that both of you have provided.

  8. DeltaNative

    Has anyone seen PL Blake at PDX carrying a duffel bag?
    Just joking; thank you, David. I never understood how you found time to practice law and do such of good job of covering this mess from two time zones away.

  9. MSlawyer

    Hope you feel better soon. Thanks for all of the coverage you have provided. I certainly understand how difficult and time-consuming it must be to try to practice law and cover insurance coverage issues and also Scruggs. But I’ll keep checking back here, because I find your posts very informative and amusing. Best to you, Mr. Rossmiller.

  10. msbarfly

    duckhead, my sentiments exactly. never knew what a blog was before November 29, 2007.. googled “scruggs indictment” and -voila – a Mr. David Rossmiller appeared.
    many, many years ago, it became clear as a bell that the local ledger wouldn’t touch a certain state elected official or two with a ten-foot pole and, to this day, i continue to be struck dumb at folks who “keep current” via said ledger.

  11. jim

    Thanks for all of your work. I have enjoyed blogging and corresponding with you. I came down with “the crud” on New Years day and have still not recovered. Get well and take care of your self!!

  12. MSTortDaddy

    C’mon Rossmiller. You’re a lawyer. Your time still won’t be your own even if you revert to blogging on sexy insurance coverage issues. This Scruggs thing will be over in a blink and, like it or not, it (married with excellent writing and analysis) has taken you from relative obscurity to a bookmark which is clicked on a (multi-)daily basis. You can’t stop after coming this far. You know much more is to come. You know you will be watching. And, you know you are the only one who can give it its due. How many times in your life will this opportunity come along? Get well, clear your head and get back to the Scruggs Nation.

  13. DF

    Frankly, I was wondering if you were Superman or something. A day job I can relate to, family commitments, and blogging until the early hours of the morning. No one could stand up to that schedule. No wonder you got sick. Write the book later…there’s plenty of time.
    We’ll miss your regular Scrugg’s Nation posts, but first things first. Get healthy; get your life back, then move on.
    BTW, you are a terrific writer, AND, one of the few who actually understands some of the more arcane aspects of insurance law. Congrats.
    P.S. Are you a Duck or Blazer fan yet? Can’t live in PDX without one or the other. And we won’t tolerate hearing you are a Beaver Believer.

  14. GulfCoastGhost

    Just learned of another State Farm case set for trial in New Orleans Federal Court this week. Another wind/water dispute. Let us know what you find out. Very few are being tried in Louisiana as compared to Mississippi.

  15. Perhaps we can all help out. I have created a wiki devoted to the Scruggs Matter. Please contribute. David Rossmiller deserves a break and some help in the effort.
    Just the facts please should you decide to help.
    Steve Eugster