Anti-concurrent cause language article

As some of you might remember, I spent a good chunk of my non-billable time earlier this year working on an article about anti-concurrent cause language in Katrina and other insurance litigation.  My part is done, and I’m waiting on the publisher to give me a pdf of the finished article, which will appear in October in New Appleman’s™ on Insurance: Critical Issues.  Because so many people have been asking me about this article, and because it is topical, I have requested and have received permission to publish an advance copy of the article here on this blog.  When I get the pdf, which will probably be later this month, I’ll put it as a link to a post.

Appleman’s is also holding a teleconference October 16 where I will talk about Katrina issues, anti-concurrent cause language and the like.  James Davis of Anderson Kill & Olick will also be presenting.  His topic: Global Warming Litigation — Implications for Insurance Coverage.  The name of the conference is New Appleman’sInsurance Coverage Teleconference: The Impact of Mass Catastrophes on Insurance Coverage.  If you want to attend from the comfort of your office, here’s a link that tells you how to do it



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  1. Don

    Thanks for the update. Ive been patiently waiting to read this article and look forward to its release.

  2. Yes, it seems like it has taken forever to get from when I first committed to doing the article, which I think was in April, until now, and no time seemed so long as the time I actually spent writing it. Writing is a curious process, the great winnower of wheat from chaff — sometimes ideas float around and sound right, but when you go to put them on paper, they need further work, or sometimes, the conclusion comes out the opposite.