And Now For Something Completely Different

I admit it, I get bored with too much heavy, serious stuff.  So here is a video shot by a Portland resident during our snowstorm last week of cars careening out of control on the slippery streets.  This first appeared on local TV in Portland and has since gone to YouTube, which will soon have every video ever created.  Fortunately, it appears no one was hurt by the car crashes shown in the video.  In addition, here’s a small story from the Oregonian about who pays the bills for all this.

The Oregonian story surprised me by saying that some might interpret these crashes as "weather events" without any driver fault (Oregon is a fault-based state), meaning a car owner who had his vehicle hit several times would be responsible for his own damage through his own insurance and have to pay a fresh deductible for each collision.  Can that be right? As between someone who slides out of control and hits your car, and you, who are just sitting lawfully in a vehicle that is not obstructing traffic, who is more at fault? 

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