Allstate and Scruggs settle

Last week when the Scruggs Katrina Group put out an announcement announcing it would have an announcement the next day, this is probably along the lines of what I expected: Scruggs and Allstate have entered into a settlement of Katrina claims, although the terms are so secret we don’t even know how many cases it involved, or really, whether they were cases or just inchoate claims.  Read about it here in this story by Anita Lee of the SunHerald.

Of course, that isn’t what last week’s announcement was about, it was about the fact that the Scruggs Katrina Group has filed a lawsuit alleging that at any moment we can expect an attack from Mars, that State Farm officials are advance agents of our future Martian overlords and blend in by wearing latex people suits, and that the "Like A Good Neighbor" TV commercials will soon feature a reptilian spokesthing that will demand obedience to the new Martian order.  Wait a minute. . . . It seems the complaint actually alleged that State Farm has been engaging in racketeering, fraud and federal crimes. Well, that’s somewhat different.  Still on the fringe, but different. 

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