Allegedly Murderous Pair Sued By Feds For Insurance Money

You remember the two women in L.A. who allegedly conned homeless men into applying for life insurance and then killed them for the payoff?  The pair are now being sued by the U.S. Attorney’s Office, which seeks a forfeiture of $1.8 million seized from the alleged killers.  You can’t make up stuff as good as this quote by the lawyer for one of the two women:

Golay’s lawyer, Roger Jon Diamond, questioned the motivation of the federal lawsuit.

“The government is simply doing the dirty work of the insurance companies,” he said. “Why should federal taxpayers finance a lawsuit designed only to benefit the insurance companies?”

That’s the spirit!!  When things are looking bleakest, say something outrageous and you never know what might happen.  But I’ve criticized this lawyer in the past for failing to make his best arguments, and I have to do it again.  I think the best bet, rather than hoping that even alleged murderers are more popular than insurance companies, is to frame it as a civil liberties thing: when government and insurance companies team up, none of us are safe.  How long till they come for you and the insurance money you obtained through alleged fraud and alleged murder?  

If you want more sensationalism (and really, who doesn’t), this link is your huckleberry and will take you to all my previous posts on this story. 

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