Air Langston is delivering precious legal cargo

Check this site to watch Langston’s jet cross the country, presumably carrying legal cavalry.  I originally said the Scruggs jet, but this tracker is of the Langston jet — that’s what happens when you post fast to rush off to a meeting. After the Scruggs indictment, the Scruggs jet was restricted per judicial order to emergency and charitable flights, although a motion was filed on Friday to allow Scruggs legal team to use it for Scruggs’ defense, as I’ve mentioned in a post yesterday.  


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3 Responses to Air Langston is delivering precious legal cargo

  1. Doug

    I hear strains of the “William Tell Overture” and a hearty “hi ole silver” away.

  2. sickandfedup

    Isn’t that the Langston jet? It has been in Oakland, CA for a couple of days now, headed back to Oxford this afternoon. Interesting.

  3. lawdawg

    Scruggs plane hasnt moved in 11 days…