A senator’s wild ride

I thought you might enjoy this story from the San Francisco Chronicle about a California state senator’s alleged ride of destruction, in which cell phone talking played a large part.  Best irony: she voted for a bill that will go into effect next year and require drivers to use hands-free devices when talking on a cell phone. I also really liked the part where she screamed at the driver of the car she hit that she was a senator — what is it about public figures that makes them mess up in a highly visible way and then call attention to their status, as if that is calculated to do anything but make sure someone tells the media?  Here’s a second story that includes additional details of alleged reading while driving 80 mph and running people off the road. 

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  1. “Her state-issued 2007 Toyota Highlander Hybrid sport utility vehicle”
    Well, if you’re going to be careless, it might as well be on the Government’s tab.