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Wait, I’m not covered for that?

I remember when I called my first insurance agent. I was asked a million questions, I had no idea why the information was important, didn’t know all the answers, didn’t understand the terms, and at the end of the day, had NO idea what I had just purchased coverage for. (For the record, I do know now that I should have been asking questions instead of all the mmm hmmms, but it is scary to be on your own for the first time.)

I didn’t just include this story to share my post-college fears, or to tell some uplifting story about how with hard work and dedication that girl became an insurance coverage lawyer (yawn). Really, it was just a vehicle to share why I find risk conversation— a new risk management-oriented online community by Chubb Insurance–to be a really neat, and helpful tool. Clicking around this website you can take quizzes to see where there is risk in your private and business life, read blogs, polls and encounter other user friendly information all available at the click of your mouse. By having some idea of what coverage you need, and what questions you need to ask, you can easily be more productive (and less confused) when you are ready for that first conversation with your agent.

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